How many mythologies are there and which is your favourite?

IT is so unbelievable the number of theories there are when it comes to gods and creation and sun and thunder and so many other things. I mean our desperate attempt to give explanations to everything give birth to all of these. I for one am a fan of Greek Mythology because I grew up watching clash of the titans and Hercules and other worthy mentions.

I think the whole concept is quite refreshing. I mean fathers wanting to eat their own children and brothers marrying their own siblings and gods coming down on earth to marry beautiful mortals, like I said, refreshing.

And then, there is this thing about the Norse gods and then they come with their own gods and their own story lines and everything is a different story again. also refreshing. Besides they have Thor.

Oh and there is the Egyptian gods from Ra to Set to Tut and Ahkmen ra and so many other names so hard to pronounce.

And the Chinese Buddhists with Hwan Tsang and Su Wukong and Avalokitesvera and others.

Now I find the Greek Mythology a little bit more interesting half of the reason being the fact that I like whole division or rebelling of brothers against father and friction between brothers and also, i think other fictions often borrow traces of them so many times that it is almost real.


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